Another WIP – A summery top using filet crochet

A peep into my WIP pile Summery TopWhat a beautiful day for some crochet … to be honest though, what day isn’t?

My next WIP I have to show you is my first adventure using cotton and also my first time using the technique of filet crochet

I was given a pile of gorgeous Sirdar Luxury Soft 4ply Cotton by a lady at my local knit and natter group who had no use for it any more. She gave me a pattern book too! She really is a wonderful lady. I decided I had to use this lovely cotton and found a beautiful summer top to make using the smallest hook I’d ever used.

I started this project back in the summer of 2013 and there’s no excuse as to why it has taken so long. I was simply distracted by other pretty projects. I am definitely a magpie for shiny patterns. Ooooooo look I just found a teeny tiny elephant pattern on Ravelry 😀 How cute is that?! Anyways, back to my summer top – the picture below shows what the top will look like (one day).

Another WIP - A summery top using filet crochetIt is sooooo pretty! The pattern can be found in the Sirdar Crochet Collection Pattern Book 305, but it’s discontinued. So, finding a picture of the top I’m making to show you has proven exceptionally hard, especially as I can’t even find my original booklet (I’m reading the pattern from a very tatty photocopy I made so that I can write on it and carry it round in my project bag).

This project was to be a garment, which meant that it was time to learn about gauge and how to fit items to the body. I didn’t want to spend all my time making a top that wasn’t going to fit in the end! I worked up a gauge swatch (a block of the pattern to allow you to figure out how close to the gauge of the designer you are so you can make the item the correct size) in several hook sizes because none of them fitted the dimensions given in the pattern, seriously I tried about four different hooks! It was very frustrating. In the end I settled with a 2mm hook as it gave me almost the correct gauge across, but would possibly be too short. I gathered that extra rows could easily be added … but making it wider would be impossible.

Another WIP - A summery top using filet crochet

Obviously, gauge is important in a crochet project where size matters, not so much for bags and blankets though, if they’re slightly too big or too small they’re still usable Every crocheter works with a different tension and hooks can vary slightly in sizes leading to a variety of gauges and an item that would either be too big or too small. By doing a gauge swatch you can see if your project is going to be the correct size before you start. Apparently. The last time I made a gauge swatch for a pattern and then went on to finish the project, it still ended up being too small. I’m not sure why, but I’m now not completely trusting of my swatches.

I really should get back to this project, but the poor thing has sat in the bottom of my pile for a while. I’m nervous that it’ll be too small after all this, so I’m tempted to just rip it back and restart with a larger hook. Then, even if it’s smaller than the pattern says it may still fit. And if it comes out the right size, it’ll jsut be a baggy summer top. I’ve not quite decided yet.

Are there any projects you have fallen a bit out of love with? How do you regain your mojo for a particular item when this happens?


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  3. Bekki Hill says:

    Very pretty. I wonder if crochet tension is tighter when you’re making a swatch and you relax more once you start the garment and therefore the tension relaxes too?


  4. daniellajoe says:

    Love it!! To answer your question: I have several, so what I’m doing is not starting anything until I finish one or two projects


  5. Bessie V says:

    Good luck with this project, Tanya!


    • yarnya says:

      Thanks Bessie! Since writing up these projects I’ve been spurred on to continue so I may even get to wear this before summer ends… possibly.


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