Friday Find (19th June 2015) – Amigurumi Tips from Tumblr

Oh wow my blanket and my blog has had a lot of love this week 🙂 Thank you all for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me. I’m so happy that you are liking my little space in blogland.

But the week is almost over and the weekend is so close! First though, my Friday Find for you today are some great amigurumi tips that Not Your Average Hooker has rounded up over on Tumblr.

These are great ideas to make your amigurumi pieces look like perfection! (Cick on the bold headers to view the tutorials)

  1. The Perfect Colour Change – This is perfect for when you are working a striped project in the round and a great way to avoid those staggered starts where the colour changes are.
  2. The Perfect Circle – Now this is a tip I am yet to try, but it makes a neat circle instead of the more hexagon looking circles from all your increases being in the same place. Circles will be round again! Yay!
  3. How to embroider a mouth – I have such a hard time with facial features and dread doing the mouths on my creations (safety eyes took away my fear of embroidering eyes). But this is a great tutorial on creating a perfectly curved mouth 🙂

I’m yet to master all three of these tips, especially the perfect circle, but Not Your Average Hooker has pulled them all together to create this awesome ipad cozy. How cute!

Have an awesome weekend 😀 May all your amigurumi now be perfect!


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5 comments on “Friday Find (19th June 2015) – Amigurumi Tips from Tumblr
  1. Bekki Hill says:

    Thank you. I’ve booked marked this so I can look at properly when I have my crochet hook out.

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  2. Bessie V says:

    That’s a great looking Sponge Bob crochet! You’re right about the perfect circle (spiral) and the mouth. I always have trouble with the spiral because its easy to lose count if you don’t make an effort to stitch-mark the beginning of the round 🙂 (something that i frequently do due to being too impatient :D) And I do need to learn how to do a mouth too!

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    • yarnya says:

      She did it perfectly! So crisp 🙂 i always have to use a stitch marker… too many interruptions to be able to keep count lol 🙂


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