The beauty of Tunisian Crochet

The beauty of Tunisian Crochet I finished my amazing blanket that I shared with you last week I’ve felt at a bit of a loss at what to do, but I half resisted the urge to start a new project (I haven’t actually started anything, but definitely have an idea in the works … I’ll explain in a mo) and carried on with my other existing WIPS.

And I am sure glad I did because I am loving this Tunisian Crochet shawl!

It is beautiful and the way the colours of the yarn are changing as I go and altering the way the shawl looks on every row is a joy to watch. Pity it’s summer now so this shawl won’t get much use for a good few months, unless there’s an unseasonable cold day… not that I want to wish our already too short British summer away already.

The beauty of Tunisian Crochet beauty of Tunisian Crochet

I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress on this shawl this week and have certainly mastered the basic Tunisian Knit Stitch – yay! There are only a few more rows left to do, only about 5 I think … I’m undecided about it’s size right now, just enjoying the stitch 🙂 But I should be able to show you the whole shawl in all it’s glory very soon.

I even took it with me to the local Knit and Natter group I attend where lots of cake was eaten. When doesn’t cake and tea go along with crochet? It’s a match made in crafty heaven.

The beauty of Tunisian Crochet

Anyway that new project I haven’t started yet, but have definitely planned, is an awesome idea that I hope to put into practice very soon. I want to finish this shawl and get a bit more progress on my summer top, but after that I am going to make another blanket.

This time I’ll be using a kind of tapestry crochet, so there will be no joining of squares, but there’ll still be a lot of ends from all the colour changes. On a particularly rough day last week I watched a few more episodes of Adventure Time and thought how much better bad days would be if I could watch it while snuggled under an Adventure Time blanket!

I used my colouring book (yes I have an Adventure Time colouring books, I have a few different colouring books in fact  they’re the perfect relaxing activity for bad days) to draw out a plan for a Finn and Jake tapestry blanket, also known as a graphghan.

The beauty of Tunisian Crochet

The basic idea is that each DC (SC in US terms) relates to one square on the graph and it builds up the picture as you work. This image is 174 by 223 squares, which means the main part of the blanket will be 174 stitches wide and 223 rows tall – pretty big! But I won’t know the exact measurements until I get more of a plan in place.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for my crochet this week. What have you all been working on?


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  2. ps I hadn’t realised that there different forms of ‘tapestry’ crochet until last week, some easier than others. Time to rethink my dinosaur bunting I think 🙂 Your design makes mine look a doddle!

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    • yarnya says:

      I’ve been a bit ambitious on my design and will no doubt regret it lol. I’ve made a camper van cushion using tapestry so should be ok. In theory I can do it… in practice… well fingers crossed!

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  3. Bought a Tunisian crochet hook last week in an antique shop and was wondering what I could make, thank you for sharing.

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  4. Bekki Hill says:

    Tunisian crochet is gorgeous and I love your mix of colours. That cake looks great too 😉

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  5. Bessie V says:

    It is beautiful!


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