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Friday Find (31st July 2015) – Light up Rug

What a week … where I have not done very much at all. I’ve mainly spent my time recovering from last weekend (when we went to Kent Beer Festival and tried lots of delicious ciders … and ale for A)

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Crochet makes the best personalised gifts

It was my Grandad’s birthday on Sunday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDAD!) and I knew I had to make him something 🙂 Crochet is the perfect way to make a gift that you know the recipient will appreciate – especially because the

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Friday Find (24th July 2015) – Small Stash Busting Project Ideas

Last week I shared with you some large scale project ideas to tackle those unwieldy piles of yarn. They were projects that should help to clear out the stash a little quicker. This week’s Friday Find, however, I’m going to focus

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Mashing together patterns to create your own unique item

I have made a few projects using a small part of a pattern, such as a stitch or a chart, or sometimes even just an image. It was these projects that have got me thinking about designing my own items

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Friday Find (17th July 2015) – Large Stash Busting Project Ideas

There are so many new projects that I want to start, but I still have too much yarn (for my liking) in my stash to warrant buying any more. Living in a flat I am low on storage space so

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Homegrown vegetables – fresh and tasty

Hey! I’m posting an extra blog this week as I just had to share with you the progress of our homegrown goodies. About six weeks ago we started to grow some vegetables in a planter on our balcony (you can read more

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I made my first knitted item … I can knit!

Despite my growing list of potential crochet projects and my WIPs, at the end of my post last Friday I said that I was on the look out for my first knitted item to make. I then remembered my new

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