Friday Find (3rd July 2015) – I’m a beginner knitter!

Friday Find (3rd July 2015) - I'm a beginner knitter! weekend Mum sat me down to teach me how to knit. And wow … I forgot how hard learning something new was!

I was all fingers and thumbs, and my hands, which know how to crochet without a second thought, found holding two needles as well as controlling the yarn very hard indeed.

Mum showed me how to cast on (I have now discovered that she taught me a variation of the Long-Tail Cast On – who knew there were so many ways to cast on!) and then how to do a knit stitch. I worked my way across all 10 stitches – I had completed my first row!

Then Mum said to do another row. So there I am, needles in hand … an empty needle now in my left hand and one in my right hand full of stitches. “How do I do another row?” I asked Mum, “Do I do what I just did in reverse?” She looked at me puzzled and then realised what I meant … “No silly, you swap the needles over in your hands and just do what you did the first time.” Oh …. oooops! Needless to say she found that moment hilarious. But she continued showing me, correcting me when I was looping the yarn the wrong way and picking up the stitches I dropped so that I could continue.

Like a good student, I have been practicing all week. I like visual aids when learning and so my Friday Find for you this week is a book that I picked up at The Works called Anyone Can Knit by Libby Summers. It’s a great beginner book and after a thorough look through I think It’s laid out very well, with a new term explained in words and photos and then a project relating to the lesson learned to enable you to practice it and make something at the same time.

Friday Find (3rd July 2015) - I'm a beginner knitter!

The book covers how to cast on (2 methods), knit (both the English throw method and the Continental method), purl, cast off, adding a new ball and then advances on those skills by showing you increases/decreases, texture, stripes, cables and some colour work too. Pretty much everything! I’m looking forward to working through the tutorials.

But pictures (however clear) are unfortunately never enough on their own and I do like to see the hand movements in action in order to fully understand them. I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for YouTube! There are two ways to knit shown in Anyone Can Knit and I wanted to be thorough and try them both to see which worked best for me. I found these two tutorials on YouTube for English and Continental knitting (click the bold words for the tutorials) the easiest to understand without too much waffle.

Friday Find (3rd July 2015) - I'm a beginner knitter!

I’m pleased to report that I can now -sort of- do both, but for my crochet brain I found the Continental method a lot easier to work as I could hold the yarn the exact same way as I do when I crochet. But it’s always good to know more 🙂

So far I have only learned how to cast on and do the knit stitch. Next week Mum is going to show me how to purl and bind off, I obviously wasn’t that bad a student to put her off teaching me. Thanks Mum! Wish me luck!

And have a lovely weekend 🙂


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