Mashing together patterns to create your own unique item

I have made a few projects using a small part of a pattern, such as a stitch or a chart, or sometimes even just an image. It was these projects that have got me thinking about designing my own items and they have given me a taste to take it further. Here are a few of my favourites:

Initial Mini Hot Water Bottle Cover

Mash together patterns or use small parts to test your creativity Initial Hot Water Bottle

I found a chart for the letters in Simply Crochet magazine and wanted to give them a go (The alphabet charts can be found here).  I pieced together a cover for my hot water bottle and used the pattern for the “T” in the middle. I want to take this idea further and make change purses with initials on, so watch this space!

Circle to Square Bag Cover

Mash together patterns or use small parts to test your creativity Jute Bag Cover

I made this for my Grandad from just a picture. I couldn’t find a pattern unfortunately, so I figured out a pattern that I liked from the image. I don’t think I did too bad a job. And Grandad loved it too. He has asked for a bag with his favourite football team (Chelsea) on for Christmas this year.

Small Bag

Mash together patterns or use small parts to test your creativity Small Spike Stitch Bag

When I saw this spike stitch I knew I had to incorporate it into something – I love it! I also needed a pouch for my TENS machine. I whipped up a few rectangles and sewed them together to make this sweet little bag. I need to work on an alternative for the strap though. I love this bag, but the strap isn’t as effective as I’d like. Time for a redesign!

Granny Hot Water Bottle Cover

Mash together patterns or use small parts to test your creativity Granny Square Hot Water Bottle Cover

Here’s another hot water bottle cover, this time piecing together lots of teeny tiny granny squares. Granny squares are so versatile and can be adapted for all sorts of projects. I love them for that as you can make anything.

I do love the creativity that you can have within crochet. Even when you’re following a pattern, there are so many opportunities to put your own stamp on the work and make it your own.

Do you ever go off pattern when making a project?


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12 comments on “Mashing together patterns to create your own unique item
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  4. kieravanella says:

    Each and everyone is just beautiful! You’re inspiring me!

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  5. Bekki Hill says:

    Good for you! So good for your creativity and for your brain. I’m sure you’ve notice I’m usually off pattern, if there’s a pattern at all.

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  6. Greetings 🙂
    Wow, you’re really creative! I especially love the circle to square bag. Would it be difficult for a beginner to make?
    I actually just learnt knitting recently so I’m going to follow tutorial instructions very closely for a while.

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