Friday Find (24th July 2015) – Small Stash Busting Project Ideas

I have a (Yarn) Problem ... week I shared with you some large scale project ideas to tackle those unwieldy piles of yarn. They were projects that should help to clear out the stash a little quicker.

This week’s Friday Find, however, I’m going to focus on those smaller half or quarter balls that remain after a project.

Here are my favourite small scale stash busting project ideas (most are free, but some are paid for) …

I love this cute and bright Tapestry Crochet Coin Purses by My Poppet.

And this One Hour Coin Purse by Keep Calm and Crochet on UK is the perfect size to take some change to the arcades this summer.

I definitely need a banner for my craft room by Little Things Blogged. I love it!

Any stuffed toy is great for stashbusting – especially teeny cute ones like this tiny long-legged cat by Sidrun.

If you don’t have enough yarn to make a blanket from African Flowers then this Bluebird of Happiness by Heidi Bears is the perfect alternative (pattern is paid for).

Have delicate feet? These Flip Flop Socklets by Kendra Kat are the perfect way to protect them from your flip flops this summer.

I have made these Stripes-Thumbless Baby Mittens by Tera Kulling for a few people and they are amazing. If you have some yarn left over after making a baby hat, then I suggest whipping up these lil beauties to match.

I love candles! But candles with cute Crochet jar covers are even better! The design below is by Ólöf Lilja Eyþórsdóttir.

I love the patterns by Lucy at Attic24, but these Striped Wristlets are an awesome way to use up scrap yarn.

Or if all else fails … make lots of flowers for Yarndale’s Flowers for Memories 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!


I'm a self-confessed yarnaholic from Essex, UK. There's a whole world full of yarny goodness out there … remember to bring tea and cake

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6 comments on “Friday Find (24th July 2015) – Small Stash Busting Project Ideas
  1. nicolaknits says:

    Good ideas! I’ve been making slippers this week. The Granny stitch slippers by bobwilson123 (video tutorial) is perfect for using up small amounts.

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  2. kieravanella says:

    Ooooh….lots of things I see here to try!

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  3. Bekki Hill says:

    Cute! Always satisfying to use up odds and ends of yarn 🙂

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