Crochet makes the best personalised gifts

It was my Grandad’s birthday on Sunday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDAD!) and I knew I had to make him something 🙂

Crochet is the perfect way to make a gift that you know the recipient will appreciate – especially because the possibilities for personalisation are endless.

My Grandad loved the shopping bag I made him for Christmas (It’s the circle to square bag cover that I shared with you last week). Earlier this year on a trip out to a local tea shop for lunch he asked if it was possible to make him another bag, but with the name of his favourite football team on for this year. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to make him the bag in time for his birthday but, as a taster to show him that it can be done in time for Christmas, I made a small change pouch (or somewhere to keep his receipts … whatever he wants to use it for).

I grabbed my squared paper and jotted down some ideas … to get the words onto such a small item it needed to be made using tapestry crochet. I made a chart where each square represents a DC (SC in the US) and as the purse was going to be small, I decided to keep the design around the letters simple with stripes reflecting the team colours.

Crochet makes the best personalised gifts

The chart above shows my final design. It was 33 stitches wide and 20 rows tall (I added an extra row of white to the top of each panel when I came to make the pouch). Once completed I sewed in all the ends and as the material was quite dense I felt that it didn’t need a lining. Then I added a zip. Oh wow … I HATE ZIPS! Ok, hate may be a bit strong, but I’m rubbish at them … something I need to practice at. Do you have any tips?

Anyways though, here’s the final piece:

Crochet makes the best personalised gifts

And I’m pleased to report that he loved it 🙂


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5 comments on “Crochet makes the best personalised gifts
  1. Bekki Hill says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Granddad! Lovely present, no wonder he loved it.


  2. Faith says:

    Whoa you’re amazing at this. I just started and I’m trying a baby blanket out of granny squares lol it’s not perfect but it’s out of love

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    • yarnya says:

      Oh thank you! 😀 good luck with the blanket. As the crafter we notice the imperfections as we know where they are… no one else knows they are though 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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