Friday Find (31st July 2015) – Light up Rug

What a week … where I have not done very much at all. I’ve mainly spent my time recovering from last weekend (when we went to Kent Beer Festival and tried lots of delicious ciders … and ale for A) and resting to prepare for GishWhes which starts tomorrow!

Just for some background – GishWhes is a HUGE global scavenger Hunt where you basically get to do some crazy things! If you want more info I’d suggest looking at their website – – registration for this year has closed, but I’ll let you know how it all went in a few weeks 🙂

I’ve worked on a few projects while resting, but I haven’t made any real progress on anything as I just haven’t been able to focus on much at all … except to watch lots and lots of Mythbusters.

I have, however, found something that I love for today’s Friday Find – a light up rug! My sister has one of these light ropes around the edge of her living room, so when I saw this (see image above) I definitely thought of her. How lovely would it be to have a light up rug in the room? Or in a giant pillow fort? I love it!

Unfortunately I initially found this image on Pinterest and it didn’t link anywhere … but a quick reverse image search on Google and I’ve found that it was designed by Johanna Hyrkas for Imu Design. Have I mentioned yet that I love this design!

Oh and I’ve finally started to list out what I want to make for Christmas. I’ve started a little later than I did last year, as this time last year I had already made a few gifts! I was very organised. However, this year as I’m back at work I’ve decided to make my list easier – everyone is getting knitted hand warmers! Well, not everyone … have you started your Christmas gift list yet? Non-crafters think I’m crazy for starting so early – but these things take time to make.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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20 comments on “Friday Find (31st July 2015) – Light up Rug
  1. Bekki Hill says:

    Hello!. Yes, I’ve started my Christmas gifts. Have fun with the hand warmers 🙂


  2. Grey Dove says:

    Absolutely, like it or not if you craft ’tis the season! Have trouble explaining this to my non-crafting colleague, … which is a problem since we are trying to sell her angora goats’ (mohair) yarn!

    Good luck with your list, and if you have knitting questions feel free to post them on my blog, always happy to help (Any page works, I get to see all the comments one way or another.)

    Love the idea of your rug, … good luck!
    Grey Dove


    • yarnya says:

      Thank you! And good luck with your colleague too… they’ll understand come Christmas when it’s all a rush 🙂 If i have any questions I’ll be sure to come your way. At the moment I’m following lessons from a book and backing them up with youtube so everything is simple enough, but I’m sure it won’t be for long 🙂


  3. That rug is amazing. You have got to try it! Like you I am thinking ahead to Christmas and have started making small gifts as I left it way too late last year 🙂 Enjoy the scavenger hunt.


    • yarnya says:

      I think i will give it a go! Gonna go hunting for a light rope 🙂 wow you are organised! But it definitely needs to be done. The list for the scavenger hunt will be posted tomorrow – exciting!

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  4. Maggienesium says:

    Reblogged this on Project(s) in Progress and commented:
    I’m in need of both a rug and better lighting in my living room so now I have to try this. I’m looking at my t-shirt yarn and feeling a bit guilty about re-directing said resource from the Owl Project…


  5. Maggienesium says:

    This is such a good idea! My living room is pretty dark *and* in need of a rug so this is perfect!!!


  6. nanacathy2 says:

    The rug looks amazing. I have some Christmas gift ideas in my head. I suppose it would be a good idea to write them down!


  7. kieravanella says:

    That’s kinda cool! Have you tried to make it yet?


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