Knitting progress – textures and patterns

Knitting progress - textures and patterns

Wow we are now four days into GIsHWheS and we’re having an awesome time. Due to commandment 29 I cannot share pictures with you of our awesomeness… yet! But I will soon! This quest has taken all attention away from learning to knit, but I have had a chance to get some crochet into the hunt – YAY!

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you my knitting progress and I am loving it. The textures that can be created are beautiful! The past few weeks I’ve been slowly working on the next lesson in the Anyone Can Knit book – Adding texture and patterns to your work.

Want to see my progress? Of course you do!

Here are all the textures I’ve been practicing:

Knitting progress - textures and patterns

Top row left to right: Moss (seed) Stitch, Diamonds on Stocking Stitch, Broken Rib and Panels of Stocking and Garter Stitch. Bottom row left to right: Double Moss (seed) Panels, Knit and Purl Garter Stitch, Basket Stitch and Broken Garter Stitch.

Aren’t they beautiful! It’s hard to choose an absolute favourite among them as they’re all wonderful in their own way, but here’s what I think of each one:

  • Moss (seed) Stitch – I found this the hardest of the bunch and it kept getting holes in … I think it’s where my tension isn’t consistent.
  • Diamonds on Stocking Stitch – I love this one and can see lots of possibilities for patterns using this technique.
  • Broken Rib – This created an interesting texture, but isn’t one of my favourites.
  • Panels of Stocking and Garter Stitch – I do love this one and I found out I really love this green too!
  • Double Moss (seed) Panels – This is close to being my favourite. I want to learn how to do just the double moss without the panels too.
  • Knit and Purl Garter Stitch – A lovely effect, but not one of my favourites … I like complicated and this is a little too plain looking for me.
  • Basket Stitch – This was fun! And I love the effect it makes.
  • Broken Garter Stitch – I do like this one, don’t love it, but I like it … I’m definitely fussy haha!

The next project in the book using this lesson was to make a cushion set … but … I don’t have the correct size needles and Mum has banned me from buying any due to a pending birthday (not until the end of September, but that’s close enough apparently haha!) Instead, I created my own project to practice textures and as I enjoyed making the hand warmers so much – I made some more!

This lesson has taken longer than I hoped. A busy few weeks and some bad days (I’m not so great at pacing with my ME as everything is too fun, but that generally means a few crash days to recover) has meant that I haven’t had the energy to focus my concentration on learning. Crochet comes pretty easy to me and, as long as the pattern is simple enough, I can do some most days. Knitting, however, requires a lot more thought.

But I have made some progress…

The first texture I chose to add to the hand warmers was the double moss seed panels and I do really like it … especially in that beautiful green! I worked out how many stitches to cast on to continue the pattern and begun. Things were going great and then with just six rows to go on my second hand warmer …

Knitting progress - textures and patterns

I ran out! And my local yarn shop no longer sell this shade of green! NO! This is where using scrap yarn is not so useful. Thankfully a quick chat on the phone with Mum reminded me that I used this exact colour when I was practicing textures. Phew! So my next step was to rip that square apart and finish these mittens 🙂

And here they are:

Knitting progress - textures and patterns so pretty!

I’ve also started another set in mustard yellow using panels of Stocking and Garter Stitch and as there’s pretty much a whole ball of this colour I shouldn’t run out. Again, I worked out how many stitches I needed to cast on and got started. So far I’ve only completed the cuff of one hand warmer, but here it is 🙂

Knitting progress - textures and patterns

Now back to GIsHWheS fun … today I’m making a dog out of feminine hygiene products and buttering up my other half … literally! It’s gonna be a crazy week.


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9 comments on “Knitting progress – textures and patterns
  1. Bekki Hill says:

    Wow! You’re a one woman knitting wonder. Great to see you enjoying the knitting so much 🙂


  2. You have done well, I never got beyond the basics with knitting but seeing your posts make me want to try again. Another thing to add to my ever growing ‘to do’ list!


  3. kieravanella says:

    Everything looks just great! Very well done!


  4. Maureen says:

    You seem to have taken to knitting but you have a good teacher. Well done knitting was too complicated for me. Loving the warmers. xxx


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