The Madness That Was GIsHWheS

WOW! What a week that was!

Last week I took part in GIsHWheS – the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen! Basically GIsHWheS is a huge scavenger hunt which is silly, creative, rewarding and heaps of fun. It takes place across the whole world and anyone can join in … there’s bound to be something you can do from the 200+ list of items.

Each team is made up of 15 people, but no worries if you can’t find 14 other crazy friends, as the computer that is Gishbot combines smaller teams together and then puts you all in touch. Our UK team had nine participants ready to go, including my good friend Maddy from The Naked Dyke, and before GIsHWheS started we were paired with a team of six excited ladies from Holland to become team Kale Ice Cream Loves Supernaturally Sexy. WE WERE AWESOME! Or ABNOSOME – “awesome in an abnormal way” as Misha Collins puts it’.

The Madness That Was GIsHWheS Item 34 mustache

The whole team 🙂

When we first saw the list of items it was daunting … 213 items … just one week …. wow this was going to be tough! And it was tough. It was exhausting and there were tears. But we had a lot more laughs, did a lot of good and, in the end I feel so proud of the things we have achieved.

We completed 55 of the items for the hunt – over a quarter! – and now that the hunt is over I can finally share with you some of the crazy that was team Kale Ice Cream Loves Supernaturally Sexy.

So here is … our GIsHWheS 2015 … (If you’re in any doubt what we’re actually doing in some of the images just click on the picture to see the caption)

We were arty:

We used paper, sand, yarn, pencils, paint and flowers to create some amazing things. Throughout GIsHWheS we learned some new skills and had the change to push our creativity to the max as we interpreted each item.

We were crazy:

Eggs, butter, pasta sauce, cake, condiments … we smooshed a lot of weird things on our bodies this week! Our team made a 2 foot tall Colosseum out of sugar cubes only to then melt it with hot chocolate, a raft from plastic bottles and a horror movie staring a xylophone.

We were kind:

Our team sure did share the love last week – hugs, donations, awareness of equality, hand massages, nostalgia and general kindness. There were several items from the list that sure did make me feel proud to have such inspiring, open-minded and talented friends – these guys rock!

The best thing? WE HAD FUN! Oh yes, we had loads of fun and I have so many memories:

How many people can say that they buttered up their partner … literally; made a dog out of sanitary towels and tampons (that supermarket trip was interesting); smashed a few eggs on their friend’s face; or used a hamster as a mustache? I did all of those and more! I also yarn-bombed a buoy and donated a board game to a family in a shelter (after throwing it the most amazing farewell part of course).

But do you know what I learned from this whole experience? That my friends are AMAZING! We can do anything we put our minds to. Together we can break down our own personal boundaries to make each other better people – hug strangers, donate to charity, or do random acts of kindness. This week we shared the love and I don’t want to stop now. Seriously – look at the images above and you will see – these guys are the best.

The Madness That Was GIsHWheS Item 93 Conspiracy party

No one was safe from the madness that was GIsHWheS!

I have laughed so much this week and it doesn’t matter how tired I am or how much I hurt right now … because now I can rest knowing that I did something – our team brought some laughter and kindness to this world. Our team were amazing 🙂


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