Friday Find (4th September 2015) – Yarndale (Flowers for Memories)

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Yarndale is fast approaching and even though I am unable to attend this year I couldn’t resist taking part in their community project Flowers for Memories. A while back I shared with you a few flower patterns (refresh yourself here) and one quiet day over the Summer Bank Holiday weekend when I wasn’t feeling too well I decided to work on a few pretty flowers. What better way is there to brighten the day? 🙂

The criteria listed on the Yarndale blog for these flowers are:

  • Colourful (preferably made using bright single colours or similar colours e.g all red or red/pink)
  • Single/groups of flowers to be minimum size of 8cm
  • Knit or crochet
  • Embellishments and leaves can be added
  • Attach a safety pin or a brooch pin to the back
  • Deadline for flowers to arrive in Yorkshire is 11th September (I will hopefully be posting mine on Monday 7th September… first class just to make sure)

That doesn’t sound too hard.

First I made the flower dishcloth as it looked pretty simple and figured it would be larger than the 8cm minimum, even with DK yarn and a 4mm hook. One of the project images on the Ravelry page was a poppy and I loved this idea as it was bright and had remembrance connotations as well. The poppy seemed to fly off my hook! It’s a simple and fast pattern, just perfect for a foggy head day. So I made a few more! In all different colours.

Friday Find (4th September 2015) - Yarndale (Flowers for Memories)

So pretty 🙂 I backed these with felt for extra stability, sewed on a pin and they are ready to go.

I also wanted to make a huge gorgeous flower (but minus the pot) and I wasn’t disappointed with it at all – it really is beautiful. A full yellow centre and eight pretty purple petals. The pattern called for ten petals and I made ten… but I don’t think I sewed them close enough together ’cause I could only fit eight. Oh well, it still looks amazing and I have to make another one now, especially as I have two petals already! … a plant that you cannot kill – sounds perfect.

Friday Find (4th September 2015) - Yarndale (Flowers for Memories)

I can’t wait to get these in the post and off to Yorkshire ready for Yarndale 😀


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  1. These are brilliant 😊 always love a crochet flower!


  2. These are great, I love the big one especially 🙂

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