Sunday Sevens (6th September 2015)

sunday-sevens-new-logoGood morning!

I love reading The Creativity Cauldron’s Sunday Sevens posts and seeing what Bekki has been up to each week.

The Sunday Sevens series was created by Nat at Thread and Bobbins and enables you to share awesome and exciting things that don’t necessarily deserve a whole post of their own. I have lots and lots I want to share and hopefully this will be the perfect way.

Here goes the start of my Sunday Sevens journey…

1 – I got a new job! I have finally found a new and exciting job closer to home and will start in October – I am so excited. This will hopefully be a huge step in managing my ME/CFS. This week was a week to celebrate and A got me some lovely goodies 🙂

Sunday Sevens (6th September 2015) New Job

2 – This week I’ve been working with Maddy over at The Naked Dyke on a project so garish and wrong that it’s actually quite charming. More coming soon on this!!

Sunday Sevens (6th September 2015) Ugly ut Charming Crochet

3 – Played lots of board games … and introduced my friends to Exploding Kittens (Image was taken by The Naked Dyke). This is one of several games that A and I backed this on Kickstarter earlier this year, but it is the first to arrive. I taught my friends the rules and they promptly blew me up and I lost both games.

Sunday Sevens (6th September 2015),uk Exploding Kittens

4 – Met up with Mum for a delicious Afternoon Tea in my favourite tea shop – Remedy Tea in Southend – It was a delicious tea and we had a good natter in between sandwiches, scones and cakes.

Sunday Sevens (6th September 2015) Afternoon Tea

5 – Progress on my circular shrug to bust my stash has slowed … each row has well over 400 stitches now. I’m still working on through and I can see the pile of yarn starting to shrink, which spurs me on a bit more.

Sunday Sevens (6th September 2015) Circular Shrug Stash Bust

6 – I spent a good portion of time this week tidying my yarn – winding it into cakes and generally having a good sort out – because of this, and as I’m actually working through my stash, I decided to sit down and think about Christmas (yes I said it … sorry!). I have chosen three patterns so far for gifts (a shawl, a blanket and a hot water bottle cover) and one pattern for me (a tea cosy – which is the next project following the increase/decrease lesson in Anyone Can Knit) and ordered the yarn ready to start. Look at this bundle of joy 😀

Sunday Sevens (6th September 2015) Christmas Shopping

7 – Finally what a way to end the week … my yarn from Knitting in France arrived! And it is BEAUTIFUL! I’ll write more about these next week, but for now here’s a teaser photo …

Sunday Sevens (6th September 2015) Knitting in France Yarn

What an exciting week! Mainly full of tea, yarn and board games … I warn you now that will be what most weeks consist of.


I'm a self-confessed yarnaholic from Essex, UK. There's a whole world full of yarny goodness out there … remember to bring tea and cake

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  2. Natalie says:

    It’s great to see you on board 🙂 Congrats on the new job & I’m very envious of your yarn stash + shrug!

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  3. Bekki Hill says:

    YAY! You joined in. Thanks for the mention. Congrats on the new job!

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  4. Your afternoon tea looks delicious! x

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  5. Bessie V says:

    Its so lovely seeing bits and pieces of life outside! Sunday Sevens is really a lovely idea and I love reading Bekky’s too!

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