Ugly Ugly Crochet Shorts

Last month a friend of mine posted a link to these ugly lovely shorts on Facebook and tagged myself and Maddy from the Naked Dyke. Just look at them …

Ugly Ugly Crochet Shorts her birthday was not far off, I took this as a hint that she wanted a pair of these funky shorts to celebrate …

Ugly Ugly Crochet Shorts

She was not so excited about this prospect, but we were! Maddy and I sat down and started crocheting granny squares in all manner of colours. No stash yarn was safe. Bonus points were awarded if the colours looked hideous together. We sewed them together with a simple whip stitch in a vaguely short like way – there’s a tie cord waist and there are even two legs!

A few weeks back I shared a teaser of these shorts with you in my Sunday Sevens.

Sunday Sevens (6th September 2015) Ugly But Charming Crochet

But only now that Nat has them can I show you the true horror of these shorts …

The Front

The Front

The Back

The Back

And the worst part? I actually quite like them … they have a certain ugly duckling charm about them. Happy Birthday Nat!


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9 comments on “Ugly Ugly Crochet Shorts
  1. radquitemad says:

    Sounds like something I would do 😀 LOVE IT!

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  2. Bekki Hill says:

    LOL! Definitely better than the ones in the picture at the start.


  3. nicolaknits says:

    Ha ha, brilliant! Now I am having visions of lounge pants for the winter… Hmmmm!

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  4. nanacathy2 says:

    A certain je ne sais quoi about them!

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