Friday Find (9th October 2015) – Birthday Craft Kits Review

Friday Find (9th October 2015) - Birthday Craft Kits Review Friday to you all!

I’ve made sure to take it easy this week. I don’t want another weekend like the last one or even like this past week, so I have been on my best pacing behaviour … generally doing nothing or if I have to just one thing a day. It won’t last for long, but it will at least make me feel slightly more human again in the mean time.

Anyways, my Friday Find for you today are some lovely craft kits from Hobbycraft that I got for my birthday. Plenty of new things to try and make. I love that my family are craft enablers YAY! 

All of the kits come with everything you need and easy to follow instructions. The perfect grab ‘n’ go project. All that I can see that you would need is a pair of scissors and a pencil (if you’re like me and love to make notes all over patterns!)

First up is a crochet hot water bottle cover …

FridayFind (9th October 2015) - Birthday Craft Kits Review Crochet Hot Water Bottle

I’ve not made a hot water bottle cover with a button close yet so this will be lovely. I also love the flower decoration – how cute! It doesn’t come with a hot water bottle, but I have lots laying around so that’s no problem for me. There’s a set of instructions; a full colour picture heavy pattern showing you everything you need to know; and also a note on the front saying “crochet in a weekend” … challenge accepted! Not this weekend though. I think they mean a weekend when you’re not going to London with the Guides 🙂

Next is a knitted hand bag …

FridayFind (9th October 2015) - Birthday Craft Kits Review Knitted Hand Bag

Ooooo this I’m looking forward to. I’ve not learned cables yet, but thankfully there’s lots of instructions and pictures so I should be ok. It says the kit is a “great way for anyone to advance their knitting skills”, so bring it on. If not there’s always YouTube to save me.

And finally a latch hook kit …

FridayFind (9th October 2015) - Birthday Craft Kits Review Latch Hook

For this one there’s no extra instruction sheet and only what is printed on the box … which is actually a lot. They have picture diagrams showing how to use the latch hook and a pattern showing which colour goes where. I’ve never done latch hook before, but always love to try something new. I definitely do not need an excuse to do anything yarn-y.

I’ll keep you updated as I work through them. I think they’ll make great side projects while I’m working on the Christmas list.

Have you ever used a craft kit before?


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  1. […] Dad got me a few craft kits for my birthday back in September (You can read about them here). I grabbed the kit for the hot water bottle cover as it’s definitely the season for warmth […]


  2. Bekki Hill says:

    Good luck with the cables, they’re really not that hard, it’s mostly about remembering to cable on the right row.

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  3. Some lovely kits, I too rather like the bag but also have yet to try cables. I shall be interested to hear how you get on. x

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