Friday Find (16th October 2015) – Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket

Friday Find (16th October 2015) - Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket Friday! Yay for the weekend 🙂

Today’s Friday Find for you is also a new project on my hooks and a Christmas gift… I don’t think the person this is being gifted to reads this blog, but either way they’ll know come Christmas.

This project is the Corner to Corner (C2C) Blanket. There are lots of them popping up around the interwebs, but I’ve stuck to the basics and followed this Red Heart pattern, which also has a video tutorial by the Crochet Crowd for those who prefer visual learning.

And wow this blanket whips up fast! I only started this yesterday evening … granted I did lose track of time watching Dr Who, but still very quick. It’s already 80cm along the shortest edges and I’ve used almost a whole ball of each colour.

Friday Find (16th October 2015) - Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket

My plan is to keep extending it until I’m part of the way through a second ball, check the width is satisfactory and then start to decrease. I have three balls of each colour (stylecraft chunky in spice, gold, copper and lemon in case you were wondering) so this should leave enough for a border as well.

Here are some other fantastic C2C blankets…

This C2C Illusion Blanket by Trish Smith:

In fact there are a lot of patterns that can be made using smaller C2C squares, such as this one on the Deramores blog.

Repeat Crafter Me does some AMAZING graph afghans using the C2C method, here’s her cute little lamb, but there are loads more on her blog:

Have a lovely weekend 🙂


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  3. Looks good. Lovely colours. I was tempted by RepeatCrafterMe’s Christmas blanket but then thought better of it! Am going to try a dinosaur one though in the new year if the boys still like them!

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  4. Bessie V says:

    Its lovely Tanya! I Love the colors you’ve used!! They’re gorgeous.

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  5. These are lovely, especially the lamb, I suppose the c2c enables you to use more curved shapes. x

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  6. lovelucie1 says:

    Just gorgeous. Love the smaller square one too, from the Deramores blog.

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