Finished – The Knitted Tea Cosy is DONE!

Finished - The Knitted Tea Cosy is DONE!

I finished this tea cosy few weeks back but completely forgot to share it with you … ooops! (Here it was in progress: WIP Update … crochet and knit projects that are on the go right now)

This tea cosy was the next project in the book ‘Anyone Can Knit’ after learning about decreases and increases and it was a definite challenge.

It’s probably just because I’m still learning, but I don’t think knitting is easy at all. I know how to knit and purl, but point to a stitch in a project and I couldn’t tell you which of the two it was. Hopefully in time that will come. Until then I have wonderful ladies at knit and natter to save me 🙂

Oh speaking of still learning and not knowing what stitch is what, I’m not sure where I found this awesome link (I just had trouble re-finding it – but YAY I had pinned it on Pinterest), but this blog post – The Secret to Becoming a Great Knitter – is absolutely awesome. It explains how to read your knitting and how each stitch works together to form the structure of the project. The next good head day I get (that doesn’t involve any plans) I’m going to be sitting down and properly focusing on my knitting.

Anyways, back to the cosy, which is made using a broken moss seed stitch and it’s also reversible … ooooo. Unfortunately my gauge was off (no change there) and the cosy is a little too short … too short to add a pom pom on both sides and still be a functioning cosy. I attempted to fix this with blocking, which helped, but was by no means completely successfu and so I decided to leave the pom poms off entirely. Note to self: If I make this again I’ll add more rows before I start the decreases.

Here it is in action …

The purple side

Finished - The Knitted Tea Cosy is DONE!

And the greyFinished - The Knitted Tea Cosy is DONE!’m happy with it and it’s certainly been keeping my tea warmer now the weather has changed. Mmmmm tea. Speaking of which, I’m going to go enjoy a Christmas Spiced Tea now 🙂

Sunday Sevens (25th October 2015) christmas tea waitrose


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10 comments on “Finished – The Knitted Tea Cosy is DONE!
  1. Bekki Hill says:

    Excellent! I’ll be round with the chocolate digestives!

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  2. This is exactly the sort of project I need to practice my knitting on, looks great 🙂

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  3. nanacathy2 says:

    Can’t beat a nice cup of tea and a teacosy.

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  4. Thanks for the link, that will be a great as I although I am knitting I am only understanding a little of it! Congrats on your tea cosy, what’s up next? 🙂

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  5. nuvofelt says:

    It isn’t easy mastering a new skill, but the way you are persevering will make it all clear very soon. Congratulations on beautiful tea cosies.

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