Stripes … knitted stripes galore!

Last week I was working on my next lesson from the ‘Anyone Can Knit‘ book by Libby Summers. It was a lesson in colour and more specifically in joining in a new ball of yarn to make stripes.

Sunday Sevens (1st November 2015) knitting stripes

You saw a sneak peak into my stripes during my Sunday Sevens, but the piece in the photo was just a practice and I actually ripped it back after a few stripes, once I got the hang of it. I like to practice something new … gauge swatches I hate, but chuck a ‘lesson’ at me and I’ll do it. Maybe that’s how I should see gauge swatches in the future … as mini lessons. Not sure I can trick myself that easily though.

I was also eager to start the next project – a stripy purse – and as it was pretty small I could carry on working on joining in the new yarn whilst also being productive. Yay. This purse also allowed me to practice reading a chart as there are little purl bumps among the stocking stitch – enough to make me concentrate on what I was doing instead of aimlessly stitching away. I kept forgetting which way I was reading some of the rows on the chart, so lots of arrows were scribbled onto the page to remind me. I do love scribbling over patterns 🙂

Stripes ... knitted stripes galore!

Before I knew it, the body of the purse was done. I did say it was small.

Stripes ... knitted stripes galore!

I just need to wait until I can find a zip now to sew it all up 🙂

But my stripy fun wasn’t over yet. Over the page was a pattern for a hat which used both shaping and stripes … I was on it! I grabbed some chunky yarn from my stash (My Boshi original no.1 in 192 Ivory and 195 Anthracite if you were curious) and cast on. Before I knew it I was attempting to stitch it up … not the easiest part. I really do need to practice that. But looky … how great is this! My first knitted hat 🙂

Stripes ... knitted stripes galore!

And it fits!

Stripes ... knitted stripes galore!

So, yes, stripes have been achieved! Next up in the book is a lesson on sewing in sleeves and more about ways to stitch up a project… but I’m leaving that for post-Christmas madness and jumping ahead one chapter to learn more about textures. This time it’s bobbles, cables and twisted stitches … oooooooooo sounds complicated. First though … more presents as it’s November now! Eeep.


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12 comments on “Stripes … knitted stripes galore!
  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Lovely lovely stripes!

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  2. nicolaknits says:

    The bag and hat look great. Happy knitting!

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  3. The book sounds great, I am not one for lessons or gauge swatches and tend to muddle through with the help of youtube, maybe I ought to be a bit more methodical!! I love the had, you look great in it 🙂 x

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    • yarnya says:

      I love youtube! My second stop after books, it helps me to see the practice of the theory. I’ve always been quite methodical though and love learning new things but gauge swatches… nope I like to live dangerously haha. And thank you 🙂

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  4. Love your hat!! You’re really coming along in your knitting!! Great job!

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