My Progress on my Christmas Gift To-Make List

Good morning (or afternoon/evening/night depending where in the world you are).

Today I want to share with you my Christmas to-make list progress. I’m not too worried if the intended giftees see these, as they won’t know who they are for until the big day … plus I’m not sure they all read this blog so I reckon I’m pretty safe. If however, you do know that I’m making something for you/your children … e.g. a cowl or a bag (not looking at anyone in particular) then stop reading now 😛

My Progress on my Christmas Gift To-Make List

I haven’t made my to-make list that long this year. Last year I decided to make EVERYONE something … which just ended up stressing me out and rushing to desperately trying to finish sewing in ends late on Christmas Eve. So, this year, as I’m back at work I decided that extra stress would not be productive at all, I’m only making a handful of gifts, well, seven to be precise, maybe eight depending on who I pull out of the family Secret Santa.

I also may yet decide to make a bunch more hand/wrist warmers depending on how long the main list takes me. My list is forever changing, but the most important part is there are only seven definite presents on there and the rest are just extras IF I have time.

I have already completed three and have started on a fourth, so progress is going well.

1) First up, as you may remember, I have finished the Corner to Corner blanket that I shared with you a few weeks ago (Look here to see the C2C blanket in all it’s glory).

Big Reveal - The Corner to Corner Blanket and one Christmas present COMPLETE!

2) Next I completed a Peppa and George pig …

My Progress on my Christmas Gift To-Make List

The pattern for Peppa Pig was FREE too and is available hereI made George the same way and just changed the colour of his top.

My Progress on my Christmas Gift To-Make List

My Progress on my Christmas Gift To-Make List

I love these guys and they were such fun to make. They even have little curly tails.

My Progress on my Christmas Gift To-Make List my third completed gift is a cute cowl with the prettiest buttons! The colour just would not photograph correctly – but it’s Stylecraft Special Aran in Plum.

My Progress on my Christmas Gift To-Make List

My Progress on my Christmas Gift To-Make List

This was a paid for pattern by Muki Crafts (available on Ravelry here), and although it is vague, once you get your head round what “knit over knit, purl over purl” means then it’s really easy. As a newbie this definitely helped me practice distinguishing between the stitches – and look how pretty the stitch pattern is. This photo is even featured on the designers project page – EXCITING!

My Progress on my Christmas Gift To-Make List

The pattern lists sizes from 1 year to adult so I may just have to make myself one of these one day 🙂

I’m part way through my fourth gift now, which you may have seen recently in my Sunday Sevens, or on my Facebook page if you’re a fan over there. It is the Butterfly Prayer Shawl by njSharon and DebiAdams and it’s available for free on Ravelry here.


My Progress on my Christmas Gift To-Make List

I am loving this pattern and it’s actually really easy with just a few rows repeating. I’m using Katia Jaipur ply yarn in colourway 210.

Pretty much halfway through my main list with six weeks to go (SIX WEEKS!).

I’ve been planning the other three projects, which only loosely follow a pattern … and one doesn’t have a pattern at all.

These are:

And that’s it! Very short list this year, but a nice mix of projects with patterns to follow, patterns to tweak and patterns to completely make up. It’s going to be a good few weeks. Now I’m off to raid my yarn stash and check what colours I may need to buy for those remaining gifts.


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  2. daniellajoe says:

    Wow!! I love them all!! 🙂

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  3. nuvofelt says:

    What great progress. I’m not that organised

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  4. Erin and Sky says:

    These all came out beautifully! I love that shawl. It’s so funny that you mention sewing in ends at the last minute. I do the same thing myself. I have a stack of completed projects that have been sitting for weeks waiting to be sewn together and have the ends sewn in. lol

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  5. What beautiful gifts. Lucky recipients. I am making lots of shawls at the moment and love the repetition and how fast they work up.

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  6. You have some lovely gifts there. The pigs are so cute! I have looked at that shawl pattern but have never got around to making it yet, it’s interesting to hear what you have to say about it. xx

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