Flexibility is key when crafting for Christmas

I love a list, but my list of Christmas gifts to make changes so often that it’s more of a guideline that a ‘must do’.

My Progress on my Christmas Gift To-Make List www.yarnya.co.uk

A few weeks back I shared with you what I thought was my FINAL list. Well, like all my lists, it has again changed. Not a great deal, but mainly my gift for one little boy … as my idea to wing a pattern failed miserably

I was aiming to make Blaze (he’s a monster truck) and I found this awesome pattern by Donna Harelik which even included an appliqué to add on to a matching … something.

I now know that I should have just stuck to following the monster truck pattern. But, I wanted to make it bigger so that I could add features to make this monster truck look just like Blaze … my alterations meant that it failed. Big time failed.

Flexibility is key when crafting for Christmas www.yarnya.co.uk

The whole thing wouldn’t stuff properly and not even chopping up some plastic to try to make a frame could save it.

So today I’m popping in to town to buy more red yarn to try again (this yarn was not able to be saved), and this time I’m following the pattern!

How has my list changed I hear you ask? At the moment the main change is that the ‘car scarf’ is now going to be ‘something with the monster truck applique’, as I may as well make use of the whole pattern – I did pay for it. But I have no idea what … possibly a hat? Any ideas? The little boy in question is four years old.

Oh and I also have to add a new item to my list – something for our new nephew. I’m thinking a simple stuffed toy, as I haven’t got time to add a huge item to my list now. To Ravelry! 🙂

Thankfully, the rest of my Christmas crafting is going well:

  • C2C blanket – DONE
  • Butterfly shawl – 2 out of 3 balls of yarn used now

Flexibility is key when crafting for Christmas www.yarnya.co.uk

  • Chelsea bag – I’ve actually started! I’m making this up as I go along so have decided to work the side panels first so that I know how many rows tall the front/back will need to be.

Flexibility is key when crafting for Christmas www.yarnya.co.uk

  • Peppa and George Pig – DONE
  • Cowl with buttons – DONE
  • Blaze monster truck – restarting…
  • Car scarf Something with the monster truck applique – any ideas? I’m thinking possibly a hat now.
  • Something for our newborn nephew

One month to go … I can do this!



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8 comments on “Flexibility is key when crafting for Christmas
  1. You’re making great progress! I wish I could do the same… If I could convert how much time I spend thinking about it to actually doing it I’d be making inroads! 🙂

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  2. You’re doing great with your list. Mine has changed a little too over the weeks 🙂 How about a case/bag to carry his cars around in and put the logo on that? I have just made my new niece and nephew an Amish puzzle ball, they are fun to make. I stitched mine but there are some crochet patterns too. x

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