Friday Find (27th November 2015) – Crocheting with teensy thread

Good morning! What a glorious grey Friday it is … weather may be cold, but it’s my sister’s hen do this weekend and that is glorious! Before I dash off to get ready I just wanted to share with you a wonderful surprise I had this week.

On Wednesday I came home from knit and natter in a great mood – we had mince pies and chatted about our Christmas gift WIPs – and on my doorstep there was a parcel. Now, I couldn’t for the life of me remember ordering anything. Although I have been known to order bits and forget, brain fog has a lot to answer for, but this rang no bells at all. I looked closer and there was my Auntie Maureen’s postcode in the corner. Oooooooooo. A real surprise!

Friday Find (27th November 2015) - Crocheting with teensy thread

I dashed inside and grabbed the scissors to open the box. Inside were the most beautiful colours of thread and a card – with elephants on (I love elephants). I felt so happy πŸ™‚

Friday Find (27th November 2015) - Crocheting with teensy thread

What a lovely surprise! I rang her straight away to thank her for thinking of me. Unfortunately the thread is too fine for my Auntie to use, but she hopes I can make something beautiful with them. Well, how can I resist that offer?

Friday Find (27th November 2015) - Crocheting with teensy thread

And that leads me on to today’s Friday FindΒ – a bunch of projects using thread. I need some inspiration πŸ™‚

To Pinterest!

First of all I thought of doilies … beautiful intricate doilies, such as this one by Kathryn White:


Or unusual doilies – this one by Lisa Oberdorf is a favourite at my knit and natter group:


Then there’s any other pattern, but in miniature (there are some ideas on my teeny crochet Friday Find here).

I have seen some beautiful Christmas decorations made in thread, especially snowflakes and stars.Β These stars by Anabelia Handmade are my favourite:


But I was wowed away with the scarves and wraps by Sophie Digard. They must take FOREVER to make, but they are sooooo pretty. Have a looksie for yourself:



So many ideas, but this thread is going to wait until the new year … or at least until my Christmas gift WIPs are complete.

Have a lovely weekend. I’m off to get ready to party now πŸ˜€


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  1. […] order that I’d forgotten about (although that is entirely plausible!). My Auntie Maureen had gifted me some beautiful cotton that she could unfortunately no longer work with. I knew straight away that I wanted to make her […]


  2. What a lovely surprise, I am sure you will find something beautiful to make with it, I love the scarf! Have a great party x


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