Sunday Sevens (6th December 2015)


The Sunday Sevens series was created by Nat at Thread and Bobbins to share awesome and exciting things that don’t necessarily deserve a whole post of their own. I have lots and lots I want to share and hopefully this will be the perfect way.

Oooops a day late again … Christmas is taking it’s toll. First clue f that is the decorations are not even up here yet! It’s 7th December and the tree is still in the loft. That’s a first for me.

Anyway … my photos for the week 🙂

1 – I sorted out my yarn-to-be-wound into a separate box. Maybe I’ll get time this week to fully tidy it all.

Sunday Sevens (6th December 2015)

2 – I got two new PS Vita games (thanks to A and a trade in voucher we had saved). I love my PS Vita, it’s great for those days when you just want to chill out and kill something 🙂 Generally though, if a game is aimed at kids it means I’ll probably love it. These two reminded me of Crash Bandicoot so had to give them a go.

Sunday Sevens (6th December 2015)

3 – I’m wrapping as I go this year. We only have a few more to buy, but I’ve found it easier to keep on top of like this. Plus I was introduced to an awesome free app on my phone (Android … don’t know if it’s on Apple) called Gift List, where I can keep tabs on gifts I want to get, have got and have wrapped. Great for me who has been forgetting everything! It also gives you stats on your Christmas spend and so far we’ve been in budget yay.


4- I made a start on another Christmas make … I decided to get the two smaller amigurumi gifts finished so I feel like I’m working to completing the list. More in an update tomorrow 🙂 But for now here’s a sneak peak … his fleece looks a little like a tutu right now.

Sunday Sevens (6th December 2015)

5 – We went out to celebrate a 60th birthday on Saturday evening (a mum of a friend). There was food, wine and dancing – It was a good night. I got a moustache in my cracker which could rival A’s any day! … yeah maybe not haha.


6 – Morning after the night before … breakfast at Harvester. These labels on the help-yourself section made me giggle.

Sunday Sevens (6th December 2015)

7 – Stopped off at Aldi on the way home and got a box of Clemetines! Why don’t more things come in boxes – I love them 🙂

Sunday Sevens (6th December 2015)

Another week gone … hopefully next week I’ll have more Christmas goodies to show you 🙂 Have a lovely week!




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  1. I need to get wrapping and that app sounds perfect, I just keep shoving presents in the wardrobe!

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