Almost there! The last Christmas work in progress

Phew Christmas is sneaking up super fast now! I’m writing this as I watch the Muppets Christmas Carol and sip a warm glass of mulled wine mmm- I love this film and certainly sets the  festive mood.

Today I want to show you the progress made on my last last gift. It’s amazing how quick you can work when you have a deadline. This gift is to be a cover for a jute bag (similar to this one I made last year – but with a Chelsea Football Club theme) … I had to design it from scratch which has been pretty hard but is so worth it to get exactly what I wanted.

Side panels are a simple blue and white stripe and they are done, wooo. The bottom is plain blue, which is about two thirds complete. The front took some figuring though. You saw my pile of rubbish yesterday when I shared my Sunday Sevens … well I screwed up so much paper getting this right and eventually settled on this design:


“We’re Marley and Marley ooooooooooo” … sorry I’m so easily distracted.

I worked from these scrap bits of paper, but I’m planning on charting this out properly in the new year.

To the hooks!

Here’s a photo of the front under way, with one of the side panels too. I used loads of pegs to keep the strands separate and it worked wonders. So many ends! But worth it for less tangles to unravel.


Before I knew it I was onto the lion…

“There goes Mr Skinflint. There goes Mr Greed …” ahem … back to the crochet 🙂


And not long after the front panel is COMPLETE!


Sorry for the dark, poor photos … short December days means I’m mainly crocheting in the light so photos are for the dark. I’ll get some better one when it’s wrapped.

“Tis the season to be jolly and joyous …”

I now just have the back to do, which I have charted too – I’m making it look like the back of a shirt with a name and number. So far I’m 14 rows in, 14 out of 84, so I still  have a while to go!

Two and a bit days left.

Here’s what I still have to do:

  • 1/3 of the base (Edit: DONE)
  • 70 rows of the back (Edit: DONE)
  • Block it all (Edit: DONE)
  • Sew it together (Edit: DONE)
  • Attach it to the bag (Edit: DONE – I’ve finished woo)

… I can do this. Best get back to it 🙂

“A cup of kindness that we share with another. A sweet reunion with a friend or a brother … In all the places you find love, it feels like Christmas”



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    Very impressive! Hope you get it done in time. 🙂

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