Update on my Projects in Progress

Ok, it’s now the middle of January so high time I get back into some regular posting! But first here is an update on where everything is right now. What has been forgotten, what I’m working on and what I want to be doing next.

As usual I am working on LOTS of projects at once…

I still have my Cube Blanket in hibernation and my Summer Top has joined that. They’ll be finished one day. Hopefully this year, but I’m not too worried if not.

This will be a beautiful cube blanket ... eventually www.yarnya.co.uk

Another WIP - A summery top using filet crochet www.yarnya.co.uk

My Circular Blanket is growing slowly, stitch by stitch. It’s perfect easy day crocheting, but at the same time the simplicity bores me easily as there’s no challenge. For those days when I have no focus or energy it is perfect!

Sunday Sevens (3rd January 2016) www.yarnya.co.uk

While I chip away at the Circular Blanket, I’m also working on not one, but two, secret crochet projects! Ooooo ok here’s a small teaser…

Update on my Projects in Progress www.yarnya.co.uk

Update on my Projects in Progress www.yarnya.co.uk

So pretty. Both of these are small, both have many components and both are using cotton. That’s all the information I’m going to give now, but hopefully I’ll crack on and finish these soon.

And finally, the last project in progress – I have cast on an adult version of the button up cowl/buff I made at Christmas for our niece. I’m using a beautiful frosty grey skein of Malabrigo Worsted that I treated myself to from the Village Haberdashery (using a gift voucher, yay to craft enabling friends) and it is so super soft and snuggly.

Update on my Projects in Progress www.yarnya.co.uk

Update on my Projects in Progress www.yarnya.co.uk

Plus I’m getting everything together to learn how to knit socks! I’m just waiting for a low pain, brain fog free day where I can concentrate… basically when this cold snap is over I may have a chance.

I have the pattern – The lovely Maggnesium over at Project(s) in Progress suggested this Nice Ribbed Sock as the perfect starting point. I also have a digital copy of Socktacular and have ordered another sock book now that Knit Picks deliver to the UK. Yep, they just announced UK delivery and shipping is free for orders over £25. If you need any other reason to go have a nose, they have 40% off their craft books right now *swoon*. I was in heaven. So many books! I bought four. Can’t wait for them to arrive, but it could take two to three weeks, I mean it is coming from America.

I have the needles – A set of 2.75mm double pointed needles (DPNs) given to me by my Nana. I have also ordered some more DPNs from a website called Geek (also known as Wish) so that I have a few different sizes.

I even have the yarn – some gorgeous Malabrigo sock yarn, also from the Village Haberdashery … the same order as before. That voucher went to amazing use! I have an Autumnal colour way and an AMAZING purple … which to use first?

Sunday Sevens (10th January 2016) www.yarnya.co.uk

So as you can see, I have everything to start my sock journey. The next good day where I am awake enough to learn … I’m on it! And looking forward to it 🙂 In the mean time I have plenty to be working on.


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19 comments on “Update on my Projects in Progress
  1. Leonor says:

    Loving the cowl pattern and yarn!

    May I suggest a sock pattern? Look for Hermione’s Everyday Socks on Rav. I hear lots of good things about it, and will be trying that someday when I get a random urge to knit things for feet 🙂

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  2. I LOVE the cube blanket. Enjoy your sock journey 🙂

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  3. emmazocco says:

    You have great projects on the go! Can’t wait to see your secret crochet (me curious? Nah!) all the yarn you’re using is gorgeous btw!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lots on the go. Your cube blanket is fab. I’m sure you’ll get the yen to finish it when the time’s right.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. nicolaknits says:

    Lots of things on the go. Have fun!

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  6. Lovely projects. Your cube blanket is stunning and who knows? We might be knitting the nice ribbed socks at the same time as that’s my next sock pattern to try. Once you start knitting socks, be warned! My sock yarn stash is huge 🙂

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