My next knitting lesson in texture – I learned how to knit bobbles and cables

This week I’ve been working slowly, very slowly, on my current projects. I’ve not been able to focus on anything for a great deal of time so have been flitting from one to another and making no real progress on anything. So a distraction was needed…


I picked up my Anyone can Knit book to look at the next lesson in my knitting journey. It’s been so long since I last did a lesson in knitting and I’ve missed the joy of learning and figuring out something new.

I didn’t have enough focus to learn about casting on to several double pointed needles for my sock journey … that can wait until another day! But a lesson in texture sounded doable. Well, I thought it was … I cast on 45 stitches and completed a few rows of stocking stitch before I started reading about how to make a small bobble … yea maybe I wasn’t in the mood for learning from a book. It made no sense! I had forgotten where I was supposed to move the yarn to in a yarn over and all I succeeded in doing was creating a lovely knot.

Thankfully Sally, a wonderful lady at the knit and natter group I go to, came to the rescue and showed me a visual example of what the book was telling me to do. And it clicked! Just seeing someone make the stitch made it all make sense. I then realised that it was actually explained very well, I hadn’t been taking in what I was reading. I completed my first row of pretty bobbles and the stitch is pretty easy, a lot of faffing around for just one bobble, but it was easy enough to create once I knew the process.



Sorry for the poor quality of this photo. The light in December is shh….rubbish and it probably doesn’t help that I’m snapping this on my phone. But you can still sort of see the cute bobble – I made that! 🙂

Next up in the textures lesson was cables. And after mastering the skill of bobble-making, cables couldn’t be too hard. And they weren’t – before I knew it I had a cable growing on my knitting. YAY! They’re not the neatest of cables, as my tension is all over the place, but for a first attempt I’m pretty pleased. Does anyone have any tips for keeping the tension when swapping between the main needles to the cable holder and back again?


Next for this lesson will be to do another row of bobbles (to check I do still understand it and that the first row wasn’t a fluke), followed by some cabling where I need to hold the stitches to the back. This will apparently make the cable twist in the opposite direction – so clever!



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9 comments on “My next knitting lesson in texture – I learned how to knit bobbles and cables
  1. I love cable. I think they are my most favourite knitting technique. And so classic and timeless, you can’t fail to score when you knit them.

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  2. I now have some knitting needles to learn with. It seems that knitting is taking over crochet with many people.

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  3. Looks great!! I finally figured out how to use circulars and DPN’s…now I’m trying socks! Isn’t knitting just addicting? I’m so glad I took the time to teach myself!

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    • yarnya says:

      Wooooo! Circulars and dpns are next… i really want to learn socks. Hope yours go well 🙂 Knitting is great, but I find it hard still so prefer crochet on my bad days as I don’t need to think so much.


  4. Books are great but sometimes you just need someone to show you. I’m starting to knit a basic lace pattern today with help from the owner of my local wool shop. I’d be too scared to try otherwise! Your cables look great.

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