Yarnya is on Instagram!

I’ve ummed and ahhed over creating an Instagram account for ages … I have a personal account, but wanted that to stay just that – personal. However, I follow so many awesome crochet/knitting/yarn related Instagrammers and also share so many yarny photos that I finally decided to create a dedicated Yarnya account.

2016-02-04 09.38.29.jpg

And here it is: https://www.instagram.com/yarnya_/

Do you have instagram? Comment your username and I’ll come find you 🙂

Short post today as my head still isn’t feeling right. In fact I may just go back to bed and browse all the pretty photos on the crochet tags.


I'm a self-confessed yarnaholic from Essex, UK. There's a whole world full of yarny goodness out there … remember to bring tea and cake

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3 comments on “Yarnya is on Instagram!
  1. Just followed you. @dartmooryarns of course 🙂

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  2. yarnbird says:

    Haha, did the same a while ago! You can find me there as well – @yarn_bird

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  3. I think I’m already following you, @inspirationalyarns

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