Here’s the lovely Bridget from Edward’s Menagerie

You may remember back at Christmas that I received a subscription to Simply Crochet and with that subscription came a lovely free gift – the yarn and pattern to make Bridget the Elephant from Edward’s Menagerie. Now I’m a HUGE elephant fan and I’ve wanted to get the Edward’s Menagerie book since I made the cute sheep for our nephew, so this was a delight. (I do now have the book and am looking forward to making more!)

Sunday Sevens (24th January 2016)

In this project bag came a ball of yummy squishy Toft yarn, a hook, stuffing and Bridget’s pattern.

I couldn’t wait to get started! But it wasn’t until February when we made a long drive to Norfolk that I had the chance to sit down and crack on. However that day I had forgotten my stitch markers as I’d just grabbed the bag as a car project … ooops. Earrings to the rescue!


I made slow progress on Bridget, mainly grabbing the project bag (which I had added stitch markers to!) for journeys and to go to knit and natter. It’s the perfect size bag to shove in my large handbag for a bit of crochet while out and about.


Mmmm Sally at Knit and Natter makes the BEST Lemon Drizzle cake!

Eventually she began to grow and I shared a photo as I was pinning her ears and legs into place on my Instagram (@yarnya_).


I finally finished her two weeks ago and here are some photos of her:




And she had to borrow those lovely earrings that were once used to mark her stitches – how cute!



She now sits proudly on my bed with the sloth Mum made me for my birthday. Excuse the poor photo, I quickly went to snap this but the sun has started to set so it was a little gloomy in there and my phone’s flash is a little harsh.


Next from the book I’m going to make Alice the Zebra … but in rainbow yarn! Thanks to Sharon at Inspirational Yarns for the idea. I reckon that’ll be a great stash buster. But first I want to finish my knitted cowl … only 4 inches of knitting to go. It’s the adult version of this cowl that I made our niece for Chrismas, but this one is just for me. YAY!





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  1. She’s gorgeous, I really need to get my E.M. book back out 😃 looking forward to seeing the zebra 😃

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  2. I love her! I love all the Edward’s Menagerie animals. I bought the book for my sister for Christmas. Secretly I’m hoping she’ll make one for me!

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  3. nicolaknits says:

    Such a cute elephant!

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