Sunday Sevens (20th March 2016)


The Sunday Sevens series was created by Nat at Thread and Bobbins to share awesome and exciting things that don’t necessarily deserve a whole post of their own. I have lots and lots I want to share and hopefully this will be the perfect way.

Another week, another lot of birthday celebrations 🙂 But first I needed to rest up from last week’s fun.

1 – I enjoyed the tastiest cake at knit and natter. Sally made us some apple crumble cakes … I may have had three of these.

I don't know my own strength!

2 – I finally found an Adventure Time Egg with a mug in Asda! So excited. It was the last one woo.

Sunday Sevens (20th March 2016)

3 – Resting means plenty of games – especially lego games. I love them! This week I’ve completed both Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 and the Lego Movie game. I’ve just started playing Lego Lord of the Rings.

Sunday Sevens (20th March 2016)

4-7 – This week’s birthday celebration was for Laura, who I used to work with when I worked in London. I made her a bowling pin for a present – I love crochet for being able to whip up a quick gift (more on this later in the week). We met at Namco Funscape right by the London Eye and had an awesome evening playing pool, arcades, bowling all while enjoying a few drinks. Much merriment was had by all.

Sunday Sevens (20th March 2016)

Sunday Sevens (20th March 2016)

Sunday Sevens (20th March 2016)

Sunday Sevens (20th March 2016)

Now to rest again. We have no more birthday’s for a while and Easter should be a pretty quiet one for a change.



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  1. Oh wow! I want an Adventure Time Easter egg!!


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