Need a birthday gift idea? I turn to crochet!

I do love crochet for how versatile it is. Last weekend I went up to London for a friends birthday, but I wanted to give her something a little different and special. I had a think and then, because we were going bowling, decided to make her a bowling pin. You really can make anything!

Sunday Sevens (20th March 2016)

I didn’t have the focus to design a pattern from scratch, so I searched Ravelry for bowling pin patterns and found a great looking one by Brenna Eaves of Little Raven Fiber Arts. It’s a paid for pattern and it is so well written, with clear instructions throughout and even a choice of two sized bowling pins.

The pattern is actually for a whole bowling set and can be made with any yarn. It all depends on how big you want them to be. I made the larger sized pin, but with some scrap DK yarn from my stash and a 3mm hook. When finished it stood about 15cm tall.

I actually forgot to snap some photos of the bowling pin before I left home, but thankfully London provides a lovely backdrop. In the photo above I didn’t even dare to leave the pin free standing on the bridge … yes it stood up, but it was so windy that it would have been blown in the Thames before I had even pressed the camera shutter!

I arrived at Namco a little early and snuck into the bowling alley for a quick mini shoot before the birthday girl arrived – I received a few odd looks, but it was worth it 🙂


Happy birthday Laura!



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7 comments on “Need a birthday gift idea? I turn to crochet!
  1. Leonor says:

    What a fun idea! And it goes to show how anything can be turned into a knitting or crochet project, if you look hard enough…

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  2. nanacathy2 says:

    Lovely birthday gift and momento of a nice day


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