Tunisian Crochet Hat Pattern by Crocheting Thru Chronic Diseases with Alex

If you follow me on Instagram (@Yarnya_) you’ll have seen this beautiful Tunisian Crochet hat pattern that I tested at the end of February.


I was so excited to start that I dug through my stash for some aran yarn and cracked on just a few hours after receiving the pattern through.


Note to self … being eager to start a pattern is great, but I really must read the instructions carefully. I had a ton of brain fog moments making this hat which were purely down to me not paying attention.


The pattern is by Alex over at Crocheting Thru Chronic Diseases with Alex (Facebook and Blog links here!). It is a wonderful pattern and so thorough! Alex has not only supplied picture tutorials explaining the different stitches, but has released video tutorials over on her YouTube channel as well.


I have done a little Tunisian Crochet, when I made this shawl, but that only used the Tunisian Knit Stitch. While working through this pattern for Alex I learned how to do the Tunisian Purl Stitch (to create funky ribbing) and how to change colours part way through a row. This creates a lot of ends as I used bobbins throughout the charted area, but the overall effect of the snowflakes made it completely worthwhile.


The hat is super warm, as it is made in aran yarn with a 5.5mm hook, perfect for the winter! If you would like to buy this pattern, it is available over on Ravelry now: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/i-wish-it-would-snowflake-hat





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8 comments on “Tunisian Crochet Hat Pattern by Crocheting Thru Chronic Diseases with Alex
  1. Leonor says:

    That’s crochet?! It looks… knitted 😮 (I’m a crochet Muggle for the most part, as you can see.) Is it simpler to make a hat in crochet “fair-isle”? Looks great! 😀


    • yarnya says:

      Yea haha! It’s kind of a hybrid… made with a hook, but worked in.rows instead of a stitch at a time and looks like knitting! I’ve bever made a hat in knitted fair-isle so have no comparison point… this was easy but fiddly, with a lot of ends to sew in afterwards. Certainly a great way to practise tunisian crochet and it looks pretty – win win!

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  2. I love the look of Tunisian crochet but I haven’t really enjoyed it, something I need to have another bash at sometime 😃


  3. Lovely hat and it looks fab on you.


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