A Rainbow Zebra called Alice

If you follow my on Instagram (@Yarnya_) you will have seen this cool dude about a month ago. Oooops! Sorry for the delay guys.

Alice is my third make from Edward’s Menagerie – I love that book! She was inspired Sharon of Inspirational Yarns who suggested a rainbow animal when I had finished Bridget the elephant. I LOVED the idea and raised my stash straight away. This was such a fun make! I think more multi-coloured animals are in my future … just not my immediate future as I have other plans for May … you’ll find out on Monday!


The one thing I found amazing about rainbow Alice was that all the colour changes did not mean more dreaded ends to sew in. As when you change colours in amigurumi those pesky the ends can be left inside and do not have to be sewn in – that to me makes this even better. If I’d have had to sew in ends, this would probably still be sitting in my WIP pile. Just think how many ends there would be in the body alone … all those colour changes.


Alice the zebra is the same size as Bridget, but I feel she worked up so much quicker… it may have been the thought of ‘just one more stripe’,  but she did grow fast. Before I knew it there were only two legs to go.


And now she is in her new home. This blurry photo is thanks the the recipients six year old sister. I love the flash of colour! No missing Alice in photos.

Sunday Sevens (17th April 2016) www.yarnya.co.uk



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8 comments on “A Rainbow Zebra called Alice
  1. Alice is just so colourful and cute and gorgeous! Her looks brilliant, she is a real smile bringer 🙂


  2. I smiled the minute I saw Alice – great choice of colours. Love her mane.

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  3. Ann'Re says:

    This reminds me of something my great grandmother made me when I was little. 🙂

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