Socks … take two …

Almost ten days ago I started my sock journey and decided to tackle learning how to knit socks. A week later and I’d barely done an inch of the cuff. I had restarted more times than I can remember and was getting no where fast.

But I wasn’t giving up.

This odd loop appeared in my knitting … I think it came about when I picked up some (of many) dropped stitches, but I couldn’t figure out where I had gone wrong. Riiiiiiip! Out it all came … again. The DPNs were hard. I was having trouble holding so many and they just kept getting in the way.


My plan was to go to the yarn store and get some DK yarn – maybe thicker yarn would help? I went to three yarn stores. A was amazing and drove me to every single one without a single complaint. However, there was no double knit yarn suitable for socks in any of them. The last store offered me an alternative. A woman who could teach me how to knit socks. Ooooo this could work. I do learn well when shown and can watch how it is done. So I booked myself in and put the sock yarn away until the class.

While I waited for the class I worked on the tutu skirt, the pattern I’m testing for Muki Crafts.


But I fancied doing something different, something new. I got some chunky yarn out and my 9mm hook and whipped up some super fast slippers using the pattern Annie by Drops Design.


That satisfied my need to finish a project. I do love a quick make every now and then.

On Wednesday evening I took the hour long bus journey to Thundersley to a store called Bodkins, where a lovely lady called Kim was as excited to teach me as I was to learn. She was super! The course would use her pattern (she says it’s more of a recipe) – “Kim’s Magic Loop Socks” – and an 80cm circular needle.

Time to learn the magic loop! She let me loose on her socks before starting me on my own so I could get a feel for how the magic loop worked. I was surprised at how easy it was. It flowed. It was lovely. I could sit all day doing those knit stitches all the way round.

The class was during a knit and natter evening, so was very relaxed, and everyone was lovely. Most were working on socks, but a few were knitting or crocheting other things. Unfortunately I was concentrating so much on how to do the socks that I didn’t get any photos of the evening. Ooops.

But I made fast progress and on my very own Knit Pro Zings … they are BEAUTIFUL! By the end of the class I was already halfway through my cuff.


I wasn’t able to work on the sock at all on Thursday, but this morning (Friday) I grabbed my sock and continued. I have now finished the cuff and have started on the leg. I finally get to use the turquoise yarn and have officially made it further than my DPN sock attempt. YAY!


My homework is to continue with this sock and try to get to the heel by next Wednesday evening. Kim said if I wanted to I can attempt the heel following her instructions, but I am more than happy to wait. I do not want to have to rip this beauty out. I’m off now to continue knitting while the sun is still out. Bye!


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10 comments on “Socks … take two …
  1. Beads and Barnacles says:

    One of these days I will actually start knitting some socks. One day…
    Glad to see you found a way that you like


    • yarnya says:

      My one day took almost a year since I first started thinking about giving them a go.. so you never know. And yep – one circular is much better than five separate needles for clumsy me haha.


  2. Your sock is looking fab. I could never have knitted socks without the workshop I went on, having an experienced person guide you is such a help. Those slippers are great too 🙂


  3. Fantastic, just so pleased for you 😃. I love those slippers, just what I need, I’ve got some chunky just waiting to be used 😉


  4. sueelaine says:

    Looks really good! Great work 🙂


  5. Beware, socks are addicting! 🙂


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