Sock progress!


I had my second sock lesson on Wednesday and I’m pleased to say that I reached the heel turn just in time. In fact I reached the seven inches of sock needed before the heel turn by Tuesday morning, plenty of time, and just had to cast on another project while I waited for my lesson. The last thing I wanted was to crack on ahead  with my sock and end up having to rip it out and I was in a knitting mood so …


Before I tell you about the sock, let me share with you what I started while I waited … I cast on the Linus Shawl. Kathryn over at Crafternoon Treats has just finished hers and I loved the simplicity of the pattern – just a few increases and decreases. It’s a free pattern as well! I had the perfect yarn stashed for this too. A handspun yarn from Knitting in France. This simple shawl full of those beautiful garter stitch purls would look amazing with this yarn and allow the beauty of it to speak for itself. I’m in love! This is it – 100% merino – all caked up and ready to go.


Wednesday was an awesome day full of knitting for me, for a change I didn’t do a single bit of crochet … I did use a crochet hook to pick up my dropped stitches, so they weren’t abandoned completely.

After lunch I went to my usual knit and natter group in Southend, and after straight on to Thundersley for my sock lesson … with a stop off in the pub for dinner first. Although next week I may skip the cider as it may have resulted in a lot of dropped stitches … either that or it was where I was feeling crummy in general. We will never know.

Anyways back to my sock progress! Kim’s instructions for the heel turn were so simple and I should not have worried about it at all. As I said above, I did drop a lot of stitches while doing the heel and Kim and Emma (another wonderful lady at the group) helped me by fixing my several mistakes. But, with some persistence (and concentration), by Thursday morning I had a beautiful heel turn done!


However, I’ve never picked up stitches before and have decided to wait until my lesson next week to continue with this sock. In the mean time though I can start on this sock’s sister! No second sock syndrome here. Emma lent me a second circular needle so that I could start without having to transfer my first sock off as well. Woooo.


This yarn will not photograph correctly! You would not believe that it is not bright blue. It is in fact the most beautiful turquoise that my camera will not pick up no matter what light I use or how I edit the photo.

I’ve already completed the cuff and have four inches of the leg left to do (I’m further along than the photo above shows). I wonder if I’ll have two socks ready to start the gusset by Wednesday evening … challenge accepted! Off to knit 🙂



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  1. Polo says:

    Looking good 🙂


  2. nicolaknits says:

    I’m following Crafternoon Treats’ podcast too. She makes some lovely stuff.


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