My First Pair of Socks… The Ones That Sparked a Project Frenzy

I am so pleased with these socks. This is the start of an addiction…


But before I talk about my last week of my sock class, I’m going to share a little bit about what I’ve been doing in between when I’ve been waiting to learn the next step. I’ve been super busy. This sock journey has sparked my creativity completely. I now have so many projects lined up that I want to make, but I’ve also made progress and decisions on so many WIPs.

First of all my circular blanket has had quite a few rows added to it. It’s now huge and I still have a small pile of yarn left to add in. Probably only 8 more rows to go … not sure that some of these will manage to go all the way around, but we’ll soon see. I’m on the home straight.


I also started and finished a project within days. You may remember from my Sock Progress post that I had started the Linus Shawl … well by that weekend the shawl was finished! I still need to block it … but it’s June so I’m in no rush to wear it just yet.


Look at those pretty garter stitches – gorgeous!


Next, a decision that was actually easy to make. Once I thought of it, it seemed the right thing to do. I’ve had this summer top languishing in my WIP pile for ages. I started it way back in July 2014 when I was kindly gifted a pile of cotton. It has been taken out every so often, and was a perfect project to work on a few rows as and when. But in two years this has been on the hook … this is all I’ve managed.

Another WIP - A summery top using filet crochet

I love the final look of the pattern, but I’m clearly not as in love with it as I thought. So, I decided to frog it. I did enjoy using the cotton and the idea of a summer top is great, so I flicked through the pattern book to look for a different one.

The one I eventually chose was Design I from the Sirdar 305 Crochet Collection and is a short sleeved lace top with a variety of stitches. This should keep my attention. It has enough variation to it, but is also easy enough to remember. I‘ve amended the pattern to work in the round, as that was one thing I didn’t like about the other one, and look how far I am already … In only ten days!


Definitely the right decision. I have finished the body, I added in an extra pattern repeat to make it slightly longer, and am just about to start the increases for the yoke.

Other than that there’s a few wedding projects being worked on behind the scenes, but that’s not ’til 2018 so I’m not sharing yet … very early days.

Anyway back to socks…

My last lesson was learning the kitchener stitch and once I had the chant learned (if you know kitchener I reckon you’ll know what I mean), I found it flowed nicely. And it’s magic! As soon as I made the last stitch, I whipped off my shoes and socks and put these on … I am in love! They are so warm and so comfortable. I just need to sew in the ends and block them and we’re good to go.


Now that my first socks are off the needles my mind is wandering to the next pair! I have enough yarn to make the next four pairs! It was a good job I enjoyed knitting socks really, as I do love sock yarn. The yarns I have are: a self patterning yarn by Drops Fabel, a self striping yarn by West Yorkshire Spinners (the mojito colour way!), and two Malabrigo sock yarns.

So what patterns to make?

First off I’ll be doing the same vanilla pattern I have just completed. Mainly to practice and make sure I remember all of the techniques before I attempt anything else.

Then I’m thinking of making some of the socks from Mina Philipp’s Beyond Vanilla Part 1. Emma, who alongside Kim helped teach me how to knit these socks, was working on the Driftwood pattern from this collection this week and they look so pretty. It’s lucky I have a whole pair of socks to knit before I decide which pattern to try first!


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  1. My you have been busy. Your socks are fabulous! Isn’t Kitchener stitch marvellous? I finished a sock yesterday and attempted to explain to hubby how amazing Kitchener stitch was – but he just didn’t get it – silly boy!


  2. Bessie V says:

    The socks look really good! And I liked the lacy pattern of that top you’re working on! Looks pretty! I’ve never worked on any garments unless its for a baby or a toddler 🙂


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