What have I been up to?

Sorry guys … I have been super bad with updating this blog recently, and I’m not one for excuses, so I’ll skip over that and update you on my crafty stuff instead. I’ll make it a list so that I don’t bore you. 

1 – Since I last popped by I’ve completed my second pair of socks – my mojito socks! And I LOVE THEM. I’ve also got several more pairs lined up … I need to go shopping for more sock yarn 🙂


2 – Our vegetable garden on our balcony is coming along well. We have had many a salad so far … with no end of the spinach in sight. That stuff grows forever.


3 – I’ve also crocheted a new bag … not got a photo of the finished bag, but I used this free Lion Brand pattern. I have several of these bags now, they’re huge and super strong.


4 – My knitting has been the main focus recently … poor crochet has taken a bit of a back seat. But who can complain now I’m doing cables. Cables are addictive. I’m working on a cowl from Libby Summers’ Anyone Can Knit book.


5 – Next week I’m off to Essex International Jamboree, so in between deciding which projects to pack, I’ve been catching up with my camp blanket … there’s not much space left!


6 – I’ve started a few scrap projects … a pile of hexagons to use up leftover sock yarn, a pile of pinwheel squares to use up scrap DK and then a pile of diamonds to use up even more scrap DK … no idea what these are going to become yet, but I like that I’m working through some of the stash.


7 – Unfortunately my lovely hamster Sweep passed away a few weeks ago … it has been really hard.


… but thankfully we still have Tarzan to cuddle 🙂


And that’s it for now …I’m not promising to regularly update at the moment, but I’ll pop in every now and then. Have a great summer! In the mean time I do remember to update my Instagram so it’s probably best to go find me there – yarnya_.


I'm a self-confessed yarnaholic from Essex, UK. There's a whole world full of yarny goodness out there … remember to bring tea and cake

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4 comments on “What have I been up to?
  1. Love the mojito socks. Sorry to hear about Sweep 😦 But great to see you’ve been good and busy while you’ve been away from us.


  2. Sorry to hear about Sweep. 😞. Your badge blanket looks amazing! Have a great time!


  3. Emma says:

    Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Sweep 😢 I really like all your projects and in particular the knitted pinwheel, it’s so clever!


  4. nicolaknits says:

    Sorry to hear about Sweep, he was a real cutie. Lovely photos of your projects. xx


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