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What have I been up to?

Sorry guys … I have been super bad with updating this blog recently, and I’m not one for excuses, so I’ll skip over that and update you on my crafty stuff instead. I’ll make it a list so that I

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The Cutest Little Crochet Tutu Skirt You’ve Ever Seen

How could I forget to share this beauty with you! If you follow me on Instagram you’d have seen that I actually completed this skirt about a month ago … ooops.

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A Crochet Summer Top in Time for Summer!

The summer top I shared with you recently is finished. It was finished a while back, but I’m getting awful at updating. In all it took just two weeks. Much better than the two year WIP of my last top.

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Socks … take two …

Almost ten days ago I started my sock journey and decided to tackle learning how to knit socks. A week later and I’d barely done an inch of the cuff. I had restarted more times than I can remember and

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These will be the Cutest Stitch Markers Ever!

I’ve been watching some amazing podcasts this week. They’ve all featured such pretty yarn and patterns, and pretty much all the podcasts I’ve been watching have been showing off some gorgeous stitch markers too. I wanted some. So, to stop

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Need a birthday gift idea? I turn to crochet!

I do love crochet for how versatile it is. Last weekend I went up to London for a friends birthday, but I wanted to give her something a little different and special. I had a think and then, because we were

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I don’t know my own strength!

This week I’ve been slowly working on my Muki Crafts cowl … yes I’m still going. Unfortunately with my foggy head I find knitting really hard so am a lot slower than crochet, but I refuse to give in. Sally

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