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What I Learned When I Blocked My Socks

My new super duper socks finally had a bath this week ready to be properly blocked … but disaster. The water went blue! Listerine blue! I didn’t know what to do and was gutted that my socks were ruined. Advertisements

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My First Pair of Socks… The Ones That Sparked a Project Frenzy

I am so pleased with these socks. This is the start of an addiction… But before I talk about my last week of my sock class, I’m going to share a little bit about what I’ve been doing in between

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Sock progress!

I had my second sock lesson on Wednesday and I’m pleased to say that I reached the heel turn just in time.┬áIn fact I reached the seven inches of sock needed before the heel turn by Tuesday morning, plenty of

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Socks … take two …

Almost ten days ago I started my sock journey and decided to tackle learning how to knit socks. A week later and I’d barely done an inch of the cuff. I had restarted more times than I can remember and

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I Have Started my Sock Journey

My sock journey started yesterday! I am so excited. After thinking about knitting socks for months, I have finally taken the plunge and cast on to several needles at once (I feel very awkward indeed) in the hope of knitting

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